System requirements


Normally, you can install with:

pip install pyddm

If you are in a shared environment (e.g. a cluster), install with:

pip install pyddm --user

If installing from source, download, extract, and do:

python3 install

Getting the source

Source code available on Github.


Please report bugs to This includes any problems with the documentation. Fixes (in the form of pull requests) for bugs are greatly appreciated.

Feature requests are currently not being accepted due to limited resources, however if you implement the feature yourself we are open to accepting it in PyDDM. If you implement a new feature in PyDDM, please do the following before submitting a pull request on Github:

  • Make sure your code is clean and well commented
  • If appropriate, update the official documentation in the docs/ directory
  • Ensure there are Paranoid Scientist verification conditions to your code (if appropriate)
  • Write unit tests and optionally integration tests for your new feature (please add them to and
  • Ensure all existing tests pass ( returns without error)

For all other questions or comments, contact Max Shinn.